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International Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences

(ISSN Online: 2640-1150)

About the Special Issue

A Special Issue of International Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (ISSN Online 2640-1150)

Deadline for manuscript submissions: Mar. 15, 2022

Recent studies point out that the surface winds and waves have significant trends and variability in the global ocean. This is subject not only to the climatic modes but also to global warming. The variability studies of met-ocean parameters in the marginal/enclosed seas are very limited. This may be due to the limitations in the measurements or coarse resolutions in the applied climate models. In this context, it is important to evaluate the variability of waves and winds in the enclosed/marginal seas based on available measurements and fine resolution numerical modelling. This special issue focuses on the research pertaining to the wind-wave variability in enclosed/marginal seas or strategic open coasts worldwide.


  1. Marginal Seas
  2. Enclosed Seas
  3. Wind Waves
  4. Climate Variability
  5. Wind Sea
  6. Swell
Lead Guest Editor
  • Valliyil Mohammed Aboobacker

    Qatar University , Doha, Qatar

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This special issue is open for submissions of original research. It accepts full papers, abstracts and tentative paper titles. The submission deadline is Mar. 15, 2022. Authors are encouraged to contribute research in related fields to the special issue.

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